Welcome to Screenwood

Screenwood design and manufacture modular linear timber systems combining the beauty of natural timber with the latest acoustic technology to create a unique finished solution for any project

Screenwood Systems are fire rated, VOC tested and are acoustically rated. Screenwood is PEFC certified.

Architect/Specifier: ArkLAB </br> Product Installed: 6020 Hoop Pine, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: ArkLAB </br> Product Installed: 4020 Hoop Pine, solid white paint coatingArchitect/Specifier: ArkLAB </br> Product Installed: 6020 Western Red Cedar, clear external polyurethane coatingArchitect/Specifier: Oldfield Knott Architects </br> Product Installed: 9040 Western Red Cedar, 1/2 strength walnut coatingArchitect/Specifier: Maxwell Penhey </br> Product Installed: 6020 Western Red Cedar, espresso coatingArchitect/Specifier: Christianson O'Brien </br> Product Installed: 4020 Western Red Cedar, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: BYA Architects </br> Product Installed: 6030 Western Red Cedar, clear preservative coatingArchitect/Specifier: Squillace Architecture </br> Product Installed: 6020 Custom Western Red Cedar, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: Corben Architecture </br> Product Installed: 3040 Western Red Cedar, walnut external polyurethane coatingArchitect/Specifier: ArkLAB </br> Product Installed: 4012 Hoop Pine, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: Entertainment Architecture </br> Product Installed: 9012 Custom Screens, Hemlock, walnut coating