Technical Information

PEFC Certification

By obtaining Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), Screenwood is demonstrating that in choosing PEFC certified products, customers and consumers alike can make a valuable contribution to a sustainable environment.

Screenwood’s PEFC certified status offers assurances about sustainability in the entire value chain from the forest to the finished product. It complements other elements of Screenwood’s philosophy and symbolizes the company's forward-looking engagement with timber from sustainable sources.

Screenwood Chain of Custody Policy

Screenwood is committed to Chain of Custody to establish and maintain PEFC Certification.

Screenwood management has incorporated a framework and processes within the organisation through training programs and has adequate internal systems to support these requirements. Screenwood commits to continuous improvement and is committed to compliance of applicable laws regarding environmental impacts and workplace health and safety.

Screenwood uses the physical separation method as means of managing and identifying certified timbers and will source only PEFC timbers or PEFC recognised timbers where possible.

Screenwood complies with AS 4707: 2014 Chain of Custody for certified wood and forest products and has a commitment to operating a Due Diligence System (DDS) in accordance with AS 4707:2014.

Screenwood ensured compliance to applicable laws regarding environmental impacts and recognises the right to collective bargaining of workers consistent with International Labour Organisation Conventions.

Water Based Finishes and VOC Emissions

All finishes for interior applications are water based and nontoxic, which allows for the product to be recycled at the end of its useful life.

There are no adhesives used in the production of Screenwood Systems. They are mechanically joined to allow for maximum recyclability.

Screenwood Panel Systems have been VOC tested in accordance with ASTM D5116 small chamber test. At a result of 0.018mg/m2/hr, it exceeds the GBCA requirements for commercial fitouts.

VOC Emissions


Our timbers and framing are fully recyclable. Screenwood can provide details of recycling facilities that will accept the timber. The aluminium framing can be sent to any metal recycling facility.

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