Acoustic Systems

Screenwood Acoustic Systems are the ideal solution for new and existing commercial interiors. Combining excellent acoustic properties within a linear timber application, they are ideal for interiors where sound levels require adjustment.

Architect/Specifier: Harry Seidler & Associates  |  Photographer: Dirk Meinecke </br> Product Installed: 4020 American White Oak, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: McGlashan Everist </br> Product Installed: 3040 Western Red Cedar, 1/2 walnut coatingArchitect/Specifier: Conrad Gargett Architects </br> Product Installed: 9040 Western Red Cedar, 1/2 strength walnut coatingArchitect/Specifier: Bates Smart </br> Product Installed: 3040-6 American White Oak, clear matte coatingArchitect/Specifier: Red 18 </br> Product Installed: 4012 Hemlock, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: Christou Design Group </br> Product Installed: 3040 Western Red Cedar, 1/2 walnut coatingArchitect/Specifier: Wilson Architects and Lahz Nimmo Architects </br> Product Installed: 4020 Western Red Cedar, 1/2 walnut coatingArchitect/Specifier: ArkLAB </br> Product Installed: 6020 Hoop Pine, Oolong solid paint coatingArchitect/Specifier: Fender Katsalidis Mirams Architects </br> Product Installed: 4020 Hemlock, custom colour coatingArchitect/Specifier: ArkLAB </br> Product Installed: 6020 Hoop Pine, clear coating

Screenwood Acoustic Systems

Natural timber brings a timeless quality to any space and technical acoustic requirements can also be addressed. Screenwood Ceiling and Wall Panels are manufactured from solid timber slats in a variety of profiles. The system incorporates a unique acoustic textile backing which enhances sound absorption, making it ideal for both decorative and acoustic installations. Screenwood Acoustic Systems are designed to be modular and pre-finished allowing for ease of installation.

Panels are fire rated, VOC tested and NRC rated to offer a complete solution. Screenwood also carries PEFC certification.


Acoustic Options

All acoustic options are delivered to site with the Screenwood Panel as part of a finished solution.

Standard SC15

All Screenwood Panels for internal applications are fitted with SC15 acoustic scrim as standard. This acoustic fabric achieves an NRC of up to 0.7* and has been specifically designed to complement the full range of Screenwood Panels. It is available in black only.

SCP50 (Optional)

For outstanding acoustic performance the SCP50 can be included in any internal Screenwood system to achieve an NRC of up to 1.0*. The polyester acoustic fabric will be supplied in either sheet or tile format.

Custom Acoustics

For projects that have specific acoustic requirements, Screenwood can facilitate the testing procedures.

For further details on our acoustic tests please Contact Screenwood

*Tested on Screenwood Panel 4020