Ceiling & Wall Panels

Ceiling & wall surfaces can be brought to life using the warmth and texture of natural timber. Screenwood Ceiling and Wall Panels can be applied in any ceiling or wall installation to create a style and look that is timeless and with the highest quality finish.

Architect/Specifier: Arnold Lane </br> Product Installed: 3040 American White Oak, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: Design Nest </br> Product Installed: 3020 Western Red Cedar, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: McGlashan Everist </br> Product Installed: 3040 Western Red Cedar, 1/2 walnut coatingArchitect/Specifier: Fender Katsalidis Mirams Architects </br> Product Installed: 4020 Hemlock, custom colour coatingArchitect/Specifier: Harry Seidler & Associates | Photographer: Dirk Meinecke </br> Product Installed: 6030 American White Oak, matte lacquer coatingArchitect/Specifier: RAL Architects </br> Product Installed: 4012 Hoop Pine, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: ArkLAB </br> Product Installed: 6020 Hoop Pine, clear coatingArchitect/Specifier: Hughes Bruce </br> Product Installed: 6030 Hoop Pine, white solid paint finishArchitect/Specifier: ODCM </br> Product Installed: 6030 Western Red Cedar, 1/2 walnut coatingArchitect/Specifier: Kerry Hill Architects | Photo: Frances Andrijich Photography, Courtesy of City of Perth </br> Product Installed: 3040-6 Hemlock, clear coating

Screenwood Ceiling & Wall Panels

Screenwood Ceiling & Wall Panels are manufactured from solid timber slats in a variety of profiles. The system incorporates a unique black acoustic scrim backing which enhances sound absorption, making it ideal for architectural acoustic installations where echo reduction is critical to the comfort and amenity of the room. Our systems are designed to be modular and pre-finished allowing for ease of installation. This proprietary design and engineering results in a linear timber finish avoiding the time consuming individual front fixing of slats on site. Panels are fire tested, VOC tested and NRC rated to offer a complete solution. Screenwood also carries PEFC certification.

Panel Sizes

  • Screenwood Ceiling and Wall Panels are delivered to site pre-finished in modules 296mm wide and in lengths from 100mm–3600mm.
  • Panels can be cut to specified lengths with mitre cutting for bulkheads, corner and edge trims, and delivered ready for installation as required.
  • For panel lengths longer than 3600mm, Screenwood recommends dividing the ceiling or wall in two or more bays of panels with an expressed gap of 10mm between panels. Screenwood recommends avoiding butt joints.
  • A shadowline perimeter gap of 20mm is recommended where panels are placed within a coffer or adjacent to a wall.

Screenwood Ceiling Panels can be used within a coffer or suspended below the existing ceiling level. Screenwood’s concealed bracketing system (patent pending) is screwed to the ceiling substrate or suspension system creating a floating ceiling effect without exposed fixings. For floating ceilings, the acoustic lining does not need to be included.